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PhoneGap is a mobile application framework which is used for developing mobile applications. PhoneGap web application was originally developed by a company Nitobi. Adobe system bought this company Nitobi in 2011. PhoneGap was a product of Adobe but later to make it an open-source the codebase of the PhoneGap was given to Apache and its name changed to Apache Cordova. The main contributors of PhoneGap are Adobe, BlackBerry, Google, Intel, Mozilla, IBM, Microsoft

Some years back it used to be a difficult task to have one mobile application run on all the most used OS platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry with keeping the functionality, feel and look in the mind. For developing the mobile application that runs on all the platforms developers were supposed to know the development tools from all the different OS. PhoneGap is written in Objective-C, CSS, HTML, C#, C, JavaScript, Java.

The introduction of PhoneGap by Adobe was good news for the developers. PhoneGap allows the programmer to develop mobile applications by using only the web development languages like HTML, JavaScript and CSS. The core of their mobile applications used JavaScript for doing the logic part and HTML, CSS for doing the rendering part.

Features of PhoneGap

The programmer only needs to know the web development languages for creating mobile applications across all the most used platforms
The feel, look and the functionality of the mobile application is taken care by PhoneGap across the mobile operating Systems
Apps are made at a high speed which saves a lot of time of the developers
PhoneGap is a free software

Latest Version:- The latest version of PhoneGap is 8.1.2 which got released on 5th October 2018.

The PhoneGap interview questions we are mentioning below will help you to gain
enough of the knowledge so that you can crack the interview.

Ques 1. What is PhoneGap Framework?
PhoneGap is an open-source web-development framework which used for developing the mobile applications that work on all the major OS platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry using only the standard web-development languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Ques 2. Who developed the PhoneGap Framework?
PhoneGap framework was primitively developed by Nitobi software but later Nitobi was taken by Adobe Systems.

Ques 3. What is the latest version of PhoneGap and when it got released?
The latest version of PhoneGap is 8.1.2 which got released on 5th October 2018.

Ques 4. What is the role of the web-development languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript?
The core of PhoneGap applications use the languages CSS3 and the HTML for the purpose of their rendering and use the JavaScript language for their logic.

Ques 5. What are the Advantages of PhoneGap?
The Advantages of the PhoneGap are:-
It is an open-source framework
It works with all the OS platforms.
Easy to Develop the Applications
Flexible to use

Ques 6. Why PhoneGap should be used for developing mobile applications?
If the mobile applications are created through PhoneGap then the programmer does not have to know the different OS tools for the different platforms. The programmer only needs to know the basic web-development languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PhoneGap is will take care of the feel, look and the functionality of the mobile application.

Ques 7. What is the PhoneGap user interface?
JavaScript, HTML and CSS languages are used to create the PhoneGap user interface. The User interface layer is the web browser view. This web browser view takes up 100% Height and Width of the screen.
The web browser view of Android is android.webkit.WebView
The web browser view of iOS is Objective-C UIWebView class

Ques 8. What are some of the events in PhoneGap?
Some of the events of the PhoneGap are:-
batterycritical, batterystatus

Ques 9. What are some of the PhoneGap API?
Some of the PhoneGap API are:-

Ques 10. List out the platforms that PhoneGap supports?
The platforms that PhoneGap supports are:-
• iPhone/iPhone 3G and Higher
• Web OS
• Tizen
• Android
• Windows Phone 7
• Symbian
• Blackberry os 5.x and Higher
• Bada

Ques 11. How can you upgrade the PhoneGap in Linux, Windows and Mac?
Command prompt for Linux and Mac is:-
$ sudo npm install –g phonegap

Command prompt for Linux and Mac is:-
C:> npm install –g phonegap

Ques 12. List out the differences between PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build
S No. PhoneGap PhoneGap Build
1 It is a framework It is a build tool built above the PhoneGap framework
2 Runs on Desktop for creating mobile applications It is Cloud-based

Ques 13. What are the limitations of PhoneGap?
PhoneGap has following limitations:-
Data processing speed is slow
There is no support for the background running applications.
It creates complexity while trying to approach complicated business logic.
Most of the native APIs are not supported by the PhoneGap

Ques 14. What are the storage options that can be accessed by the PhoneGap?
The storage options that PhoneGap can access are:-
Memory Store:-Memory-store.js
Local Storage Store:-Is-store.js
Web SQL Store:-Websql-store.js

Ques 15. What are the different OS tools needed for PhoneGap?
For iOS, the tools are iOS SDK and Xcode
For Windows tools are Android SDK and ADT plugin
For Blackberry tools are BlackBerry Webworks SDK, Sun SDK and Apache Ant

Ques 16. Why JavaScript file is used in the PhoneGap?
The JavaScript file is used to define the functions that are used to access the native hook in the PhoneGap.

Ques 17. List out the features in PhoneGap cameraoptions?
The features in PhoneGap cameraoptions are:-
Quality: It tells the quality of the image saved which ranges from [0,100]
Destination Type: It chooses the format of the return value and it defined in
Source Type: it sets the source of the picture and it is defined in
AllowEdit: It allows the editing of an image before the selection of an image,
Encoding Type: It determines the encoding type of the image that is returned
TargetWidth: It determines how the user can set an image width
TargetHeight: It tells how the user can set an image height
Media Type: Here user can set the media type to select from

Ques 18. How many files does PhoneGap plugin consist of? Explain.
PhoneGap plugin consists of two files. The first is JavaScript file and the second is Implementation files.
JavaScript file defines the function which is used for accessing the native hooks &
Implementation files which are written in the native language are used to coordinate with the native phone features

Ques 19. How can you create your own PhoneGap plugin for the iOS?
I can create my own PhoneGap plugin for iOS in 3 steps
I will make a new directory in the original plugin directory
I will then create a JavaScript file inside that newly developed directory
Finally, I will create a new Objective-C class which can extend the PhoneGap command that is available in the new directory

Ques 20. What is the difference between AIR and PhoneGap?

S No. AIR PhoneGap
1 A user is able to create the application using those tools which are rooted in the Flash Platform A user isable to create the application by using the web development languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript
2 The application uses the AIR runtime that enables the users to have the single code base including the behaviour which is expected through all the supported platforms. The application isexecuted inside a native web browser component for each and every supported platform.

Ques 21. Which type of architecture PhoneGap has? Explain

PhoneGap basically has a plugin-based architecture where each device-specific feature is a plugin, that consists of the JavaScript and the native sides.

JavaScript side must be as cross-platform as possible. On the other hand, the native side can be implemented only one time for 1 device. However built-in plugins are developed for all the major platforms so there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Phone Gap’s plugin-based architecture, together with open source code allows a developer to fix their bugs and besides that it allows the developer to tweak their plugins as per their requirements. In addition to this a developer can build his own plugin, and can also support any platform of his choice.

Ques 22. Why mobile developers prefer PhoneGap?
Mobile developers prefer PhoneGap because it allows the developers to have a common codebase for every application code. PhoneGap doesn’t force the developers to reinvent the wheel every time they move their platform

Ques 23. What is the cost of PhoneGap?
PhoneGap is an open-source web development framework that means it is absolutely FREE. Developers and the companies can use PhoneGap for only those mobile applications that are free, open source, commercial or any of these combinations.

Ques 24. What is the function of media.seekto with respect to one-gap media API?
The function of media.seekto with respect to one-gap media API is to inform about the current position of the underlying audio file of a media object

Ques 25. What is the function of media.getduration with respect to one-gap media API?
The function of media.getduration with respect to one-gap media API is to return the duration or the time period of the audio files in seconds. If the duration of the audio files is unknown then it will return -1

Ques 26. Can we use PHP/.NET/ASP/JAVA/JSF with the PhoneGap?
PhoneGap framework only uses the web development languages CSS, HTML and JavaScript. But depending on the use of the developer PhoneGap could allow using these remotely.

Ques 27. Can you tell something about Hybrid Application in PhoneGap?
The main feature of the hybrid application is that it includes the feature of both native applications and the web application. Native Applications are installed locally in the mobile device and Web Applications use multiple platforms and it is made available to the user via Internet Browser.

Ques 28. What is the difference between the Hybrid Apps and Native Apps?
S No. Hybrid Apps Native Apps
1 Take less amount of time to develop the application Take more amount of time to develop the application
2 It is a cheap It is costly
3 User Experience is not good as compared to native apps GoodUser Experience
4 Hybrid Apps are mostly free apps Native Apps are mostly free apps

Ques 29. What is CDNs in the JQuery?
The full form of CDNs is Content Delivery Networks. CDNs boost the performance across the globe by just getting hosted with JQuery. CDNs provide file have a higher bandwidth to reduce the loading time of the page.

Ques 30. What are the types of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)?
There are basically three different types of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).
Microsoft AXJ CDN
JQuery CDN

Ques 31. What is the relation between Cordova and PhoneGap?
PhoneGap is basically a distribution of Cordova. PhoneGap is supported by an engine known as Cordova. Cordova gives power to PhoneGap exactly in a way the Webkit engine gives power to Safari (iOS browser) and Chrome. In the case of name, PhoneGap was a product of Adobe but later to make it an open-source the codebase of the PhoneGap was given to Apache and its name changed to Apache Cordova.

Ques 32. What is a child browser in PhoneGap?
A child browser is a plugin that can easily integrate with PhoneGap applications. Child browser fundamentally protects the targeted user from accessing inappropriate content on the browser.

Ques 33. Can you tell some of the mobile applications that were developed using PhoneGap framework?
Some of the mobile applications that were developed using PhoneGap framework are:-
1.Wikipedia in iOS
3.Bit Timer

Ques 34. Who are the contributors to the PhoneGap framework?
The main contributors to the PhoneGap framework are:-


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